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Uses: Top your home made popcorn or microwave popcorn

Odell's Original Popcorn Butter is the original REAL Butter popcorn topping used in theatres for over 45 years.

Popcorn at home just doesnt have the taste as the movie theatre, even after pouring butter on top. Odell's Popcorn Butter will provide you with the perfect theatre style popcorn every time.

Odell's Popcorn Butter is 100% pure and natural and contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or trans-fats and does not require refrigeration, even after opening.

Top your popcorn with Odell's Popcorn Butter, you will soon see your movie night crowd growing, wanting your great tasting popcorn.


Odell's buttery flavored Supur-Kist Two popcorn topping is used by many of the leading movie theatres across the country.

This soybean based buttery flavored popcorn topping is low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free. Odell's Supur-Kist Two needs no refrigeration and develops a sweet buttery flavor when heated.

For your home, school, church or small concession stand Odell's Supur-Kist Two is the perfect popcorn topping for customers who are looking for an economical alternative to REAL Butter.


At Odell's popcorn is our passion, and we are proud to make the products that make popcorn taste perfect. In fact, we offer a wide variety of popcorn popping oils that allow you to pop perfect popcorn every time.

We use only the finest ingredients in each of our products. We never compromise our quality at the risk of creating a less than perfect popcorn experience.

Try one of Odell's perfect popping oils today! Our Canola oil is a delicious oil that is low in saturated fat. And our popular Classic Blend popping oil features the great blended taste of corn and coconut oil for the ultimate in ease of use and taste.

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